Wednesday, March 25


Hello loves. I realize that I have been MIA with recommendations for two weeks but somehow Tuesdays joined the club, with namely Thursdays, as the "busy cant breathe" days therefore I am MOVING RECOMMENDATION DAY TO SUNDAY! midterms and work have been crazy for the past two weeks and I apologize a great deal. It's You, Me and Sundays now.

But don't think I would come here and leave you without a little something to help you make it till Sunday. I recommend you check out Anberlin if you have not already. They are one of my favorite bands of all time and they never cease to amaze me. Therefore, I leave you with their latest music video for 'Feel Good Drag'. Though I cannot embed the video due to some feud between Youtube and Warner, I do leave you will the link. Enjoy!

xoxo Michele

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