Wednesday, March 25


Hello loves. I realize that I have been MIA with recommendations for two weeks but somehow Tuesdays joined the club, with namely Thursdays, as the "busy cant breathe" days therefore I am MOVING RECOMMENDATION DAY TO SUNDAY! midterms and work have been crazy for the past two weeks and I apologize a great deal. It's You, Me and Sundays now.

But don't think I would come here and leave you without a little something to help you make it till Sunday. I recommend you check out Anberlin if you have not already. They are one of my favorite bands of all time and they never cease to amaze me. Therefore, I leave you with their latest music video for 'Feel Good Drag'. Though I cannot embed the video due to some feud between Youtube and Warner, I do leave you will the link. Enjoy!

xoxo Michele

Tuesday, March 10

recommendation of the week

Band: The Record Life
Location: Pasadena, CA
Label: Unsigned
Website: Myspace
Sounds-like: NeverShoutNever, Dave Melillo
Notes: You can find The Record Life on stickam on Fridays, last week Jake played a few songs via video chat, incredible. Defiantly get into The Record Life. A must watch.

Note-able CD releases: New Found Glory, Punk Goes Pop 2 (amazing)

Tuesday, March 3

local band recommendation

Band: Misdelphia
Location: San Diego, CA
Album: I Can Motive the Sun EP
Label: Unsigned
Sounds-like: My American Heart, Jesse Barrera, The Haven
Website: Myspace
Notes: Playing in San Diego at the Epicentre this Friday. COME CHECK IT OUT!

Note-able releases: The Watchmen Soundtrack

CHECK THIS OUT: Kristiana & Myself host a radio show Thursday nights on the San Diego State Campus. I finally figured out how to podcast the show and have put it up for download to itunes! Check it out Also, Thursdays 7pm to 9pm

Tuesday, February 24

recommendation for the week

band: Lorene Drive
location: Victorville, CA
album(s): out alive EP, romantic wealth, savin in super pursuit mode
label: unsigned
sounds like: four letter lie, emanuel, 
website: myspace
notes: They are playing Saturday February 28th at Chain Reaction. If you want to go with me, let me know.

Note-able releases: check back next week :]

Tuesday, February 17

weekly recommendation: return

Band: NeverShoutNever
Location: Joplin, Missouri
Album(s): demo-shmemo, The Yippee EP, Me & My Uke EP
Label: Unsigned
Sounds Like: Scenes and Sirens, Backseat Goodbye
Website: Myspace

Band: A Rocket to the Moon
Location: Braintree, MA
Album(s): Greetings From...
Label: Fueled By Ramen
Sounds Like: Rediscover, Owl City, NeverShoutNever
Website: Myspace

Tuesday, January 27

band recommendations of the week

Band: Mayday Parade
Location: Tallahassee, Florida
Album(s): A Lesson In Romantics & Tales Told By Dead Friends 
Label: Fearless Records
Sounds Like: Self Against City, Just Surrender
Website: Myspace
Notes: I love their new music video and I think you should watch it here. It is one of my favorite songs and honestly, I can't get enough of it.

Band: The Cab
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Album: Whisper War
Label: Fueled By Ramen
Sounds Like: We The Kings, Panic At The Disco, Can You Keep A Secret?
Website: Myspace
Notes: Ian Crawford's ability to shred is something that must be seen live and WILL blow you out of the water.

Note-able CDs released today: Tonight: Franz Ferdinand by Franz Ferdinand, For(n)ever by Hoobastank

Tuesday, January 20

band recommendations - duo feature

Band: More Amor
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Album: More Amor
Label: Unsigned
Website: Myspace
Notes: I discovered this duo on a friends myspace and continued to listen to them for months before I realized that one of the members is Tom Oakes, formerly of the band 'The Higher'. Tom left 'The Higher' not too long ago and I am pleased to hear he is still making music because he is pretty talented. This band is fun and has extremely cute lyrics and sounds. 

Band: Scenes and Sirens
Location: Dallas, Texas
Album(s): The South Will Dance Again & Lost Lust, But Living.
Sounds Like: Rediscover, Danger:Radio
Website: Myspace
Notes: I found out about this duo on purevolume and I couldn't help but dance. Their songs are catchy, relatable and fun to move to.

Note-able CDs released today: n/a check back next week though :D

Tuesday, January 13

band recommendations of the week

Band: National Product
Location: Orange County, CA
Album: Luna
Label: None
Sounds Like: Madina Lake, Quietdrive, Lorene Drive
Website: Myspace
Notes: I cannot get enough of their album lately, it's incredible and if you like the two songs posted above you should defiantly check out their CD. 

Band: Ivoryline
Album: There Came a Lion 
Label: Tooth & Nail
Sounds Like: The Graduate, Signal the Escape, Just Surrender
Wesbite: Myspace
Notes: I found out about this band on  I was just watching random music videos when I cam across their video for 'Hearts and Minds'. I was instantly hooked and I think you will be too.

Band: Empires
Location: Chicago, IL
Album: HOWL
Label: None
Website: Myspace
Notes: Not going to lie this band is probably my favorite band ever. They emerged on the scene in 2008 and blew my mind. If you like the songs up for download you can actually get their whole CD for free at My grandpa even likes this band, which is weird because he likes no bands but I left their CD in my car and when he borrowed it to go somewhere he listened to the whole CD and then asked me for a copy. This band is going to do some big things, so stay tuned. 

Note-able CDs released today: zip,, check back next week